UAV Maintenance Services

Having, and operating a single UAV or a fleet of UAVs, even under most favorable conditions, these systems require to be maintained and updated, from time to time. Every UAV manufacturer should have a scheduled maintenance recommendation for their systems. Not all manufacturers offer maintenance services on their systems. On the contrary, far from it. Most UAV systems sold, do not come with a maintenance service at the time of purchase, leaving the end-user on its own, to navigate the uncertainties.

Pegasus Aerospace offers maintenance plans, and services, for most UAVs on the market, ranging from smaller Multi-Rotors to large and complex fixed wing systems. Our skilled engineers have experience with a multitude of systems, ranging from DJI systems, to Predator systems, to complete custom built systems. We have access to spare components, and the capability to manufacture custom components which are no longer available or too difficult to obtain.

Placing your single UAV or your fleet in our hands for services and maintenance will give you a piece of mind and assurance of a continued safe and secure operation of your systems.

For smaller systems, we require the systems to be sent to us for service and maintenance, as for the larger and more difficult systems to transport, we will come to your location for service and maintenance.

Our engineers are extremely knowledgeable and are certified, further giving you a piece of mind that the performed work is done according to regulations and using genuine parts.

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