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Pegasus has partnered with Griff Aviation to bring their UAS lineup to the US market. Currently still being built in Norway, the plan is to bring production to the US.


Aside from offering the stock models, Pegasus has the capability and possibility to customize the Griff Systems to suit customer needs, as well as offer support and training for these systems.

If you are interested in Griff Heavy-Lift Solutions, give us a call us for a demonstration flight or to discuss these systems in detail.



About Pegasus

From its inception, Pegasus Aerospace has demonstrated the ability to identify niche opportunities in the aerospace market and cost-effectively design, engineer build and commercialize aerial, marine, land and space systems. In our first years in business, we’ve launched multiple product lines, with one currently being evaluated by several Caribbean companies for deployment as part of multi-year managed services contracts and a second being fielded in the US, and a third undergoing FAA airworthiness certification testing.


Current Defense and Commercial spending in aerospace are shifting focus to non-traditional and emerging technology and platforms while embracing a culture of affordability.  At the same time, the technology which was until recently out of the reach of all but the wealthiest nations and well-capitalized corporations can now be deployed at a reasonable cost.


At Pegasus Aerospace, we see an environment of opportunity for these market drivers, particularly in historically underserved markets – such as start-up businesses, developing nations, and Tier 2 corporations – and innovative and capitally efficient product lines and solutions, such as special purpose aircraft, unmanned aerial systems, and low-cost imaging satellites are some of the projects we are currently working on.

Combining cutting-edge technology, niche market focus, affordable customizable solutions, and strategic partnerships, Pegasus is well positioned for today's Aerospace Engineering and Unmanned Systems market.

Our Story

Pegasus Aerospace was founded by a team of retired military personnel, aerospace engineers, and aviation lovers. With over a 100 years of combined experience, we believe that we can make a difference in today's fast-moving market and technology advancements.

Our Vision

We are continuously aiming to be the pinnacle of innovation, software and hardware advancements, providing the customer with a unique and unprecedented approach to design and manufacturing for the right application to our customers' needs and expectations.

Unmanned Systems

We have the capability to design, test and manufacture Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of any type, ranging from helicopters, to multi-rotors to fixed wings with wingspans ranging from 10 to 50 feet. The UAV's can be gas-powered, electric, multi-fuel and be designed for conventional takeoff and landing or be VTOL. Contact us for more information about your specific needs.

Tactical Systems

For the armed forces, we are developing customized Tactical Systems, enabling today's war-fighter to have an advantage over his adversaries. These systems range from flight suits to ghost deployment, to customized exo suits. Inquire for more information.

Payload Systems

The payload on a UAV is the most important asset, as it is the component providing the necessary data to the customer. We are working with a number of Payload Developers and also have our own custom Payloads we are developing. We integrate Payloads into existing aircraft, UAV's, or design a systems fro the ground up. Inquire for more info.

AR/AI Systems

We are developing the next generation Augmented Reality and Artificial Reality applications and solutions to be implemented and embedded into next-generation systems. Products range from in helmet HUDS to Neural Interface systems. Inquire for more information.

Our Technology

We are using the latest software for design and validation, and the most advanced manufacturing technologies. Having always access to the latest technologies, we can assure our clients a fast and accurate turnaround. Additive Manufacturing is extremely helpful in Rapid Prototyping, drastically cutting the time from Concept to Prototype.

Launch Systems

Launching and recovery of any Unmanned Systems can be a challenge at times. We are designing and manufacturing compact and robust launch systems for any type of application ranging from simple bungee catapults to pneumatic and even electromagnetic launch systems... Inquire for more info, regarding your projects.

Data & Simulations

In a fast-moving world, with limited access to old-fashioned, large and sophisticated testing equipment, companies today are forced to look at alternatives. For our projects or yours, we have the capability to run extensive computational simulations and scenario analysis, based on available material and design data, thus providing savings.

Services and Capabilities

* Structures Design, Substantiation, and Compliance (part 23 and Part 25) – Metallic, Composite and Additive Manufacturing
* Mechanical and Composite Systems Design, Substantiation and Compliance (part 23)

* Airframes, Fuel Systems, Landing Gear, Flight Controls, Power Plants
* Loads Engineering (part 23)- Development of Aircraft Flight and Ground Loads, Full Aircraft Balanced Loads Analysis
* General aircraft configuration - Major Component Layout, Structures and Systems Configuration, Weight and Balance
* Developmental Projects, from Design, Retrofits and Flight Testing
* Unmanned (Aerial, Marine, Land, Space) Systems, Design, Assembly, and Testing
* Ground Control Solutions for Unmanned Systems
* Flight Control Systems, Optical Payloads, Sense and Avoid Systems, Countermeasures

* CNC and Additive Manufacturing of composite and metal parts

* DJI Authorized Dealer / Distributor

Custom UAV Design
Custom UAV Design and Manufacture
Custom GCS Solutions
Custom GCS Solutions
Custom Payload Integration
Custom Payload Integration
Custom Autopilot Sytems
Custom Autopilot Solutions
Vulcan UAV
Fixed Wing UA Systems
UAV Maintenance
UAV Maintenance Services
Perseus UAV
Helicopter UA Systems
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Heavy-Lift Solutions
UAV Flight Testig and Tuning
UAV Flight Testing and Tuning
Multi-Rotor UAV
Multi-Rotor UA Systems
Augmented Reality Solutions
AR Solutions
Artificial Intellignce Solutions
AI Solutions


Tel: (850) 376-0991

Destin, FL, United States


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Pegasus Aerospace has a professional Flight Demo Team, ready to demonstrate our designs and technologies at our location or yours.
The Flight Demo location will depend on the size and platform of the technology or product requesting a demo of.​
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Pegasus Aerospace | Aerospace Engineering | Unmanned Systems | Drones


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Destin, FL, USA

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