Government and Law Enforcement

Up until recently, Government and Law Enforcement agencies were forced to look for solutions to their needs which could only be provided by Tech Giants. With this, there was always a concern about price vs development time, not to mention possible delays and cost overruns.


This is now over, as Pegasus Aerospace is uniquely positioned and specialized in providing Government and Law Enforcement clients with unique and custom designs, engineering, and manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial, and Terrestrial Systems, components, and complete systems, and doing so on a rapid schedule, without having to break the budget.


All our custom designed systems we are offering to Government and Law Enforcement clients are completely Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the United States, by using U.S. labor force and components manufactured in the U.S. Further all Electronic Components and Communication Protocols, are secure and fully encrypted, by using Code and Firmware designed, written and compiled in the U.S. By keeping everything in the U.S. we are not only complying with the current administration policies but also ensure that our devices have no breach, leak or back-door to any other nation or party.

As technology is continuously evolving so are our systems. We are constantly updating our systems with the latest in technological advancements so that our clients always have access to the latest technologies and capabilities.​


Below are some systems we have designed and prototyped for exclusively for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States.

Because Lives Matter and a lack of TRUE Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems exist in the UAS marketplace today, Pegasus Aerospace has developed a Tactical UAS for exclusive use by Government, Law Enforcement, School Resource Officers and Select Private Security Firms, to enable them to safely and accurately achieve their missions without risking and endangering first responder lives, in case of a life-threatening situation.


Designed from the ground up, exclusively for this type of missions, and equipped with multiple non-lethal capabilities, including capabilities for surveillance, intelligence collection and the ability to incapacitate a target from a distance, ShockWave Tactical UAS™ is designed from the ground up to be used outdoors and

indoors, is easy to set up and operate and can provide real-time intelligence and surveillance as a force multiplier to the Government, Law Enforcement or Civil Security Firms.


A modular and cost-effective design enables the operator to deliver multiple capabilities and applications, meeting national aviation regulations and operational requirements. ShockWave is IP-55, STANAG 4586 FAA, compliant and is ready for use in controlled national airspace across all classifications.


Possible Applications

S.W.A.T. Operations

LAW Enforcement

ISR Operations

SAR Operations

Security Operations​

Border Patrol

Active Shooter Operations

Crowd Control​

Key Features

Pegasus Proprietary iLEDD System

Pegasus Proprietary DTMS System

Pegasus Proprietary NLLS System

Pegasus Proprietary iSED System

Multiple Daytime HD Camera Systems

One Gimbaled HD-IR (MWIR) System

FAA Approved (B/R) Lights

Indoor Capable

Please contact us for more information on this system, and availability in your area, not all states have the same rules and regulations in regards to UAS Ops.


Please stay tuned... Coming soon, to a friendly Law Enforcement near you...


ShockWave Tactical UAS

DreadNaught Tactical UAS

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