Custom Payload Integration

Pegasus Aerospace also specialized in custom payload design and integration. We do this on Manned and Unmanned systems. No project is too small for us to tackle. examine the project, the customer specifications and then recommend a system to our customer which will be uniquely suited for their mission and requirements.

We install, test and fine-tune payload systems for the following missions and capabilities:

Search and Rescue Optical Payloads

Search and Rescue Drop Payloads

Intelligence and Reconnaissance Payloads

Aerial Photography and Videography Payloads

Agricultural Crop Inspection Payloads

Agricultural Crop Spraying Payloads

Oil and Pipeline Aerial Visual Inspection Payloads

Oil and Pipeline Aerial HydroCarbon Detection Payloads

Aerial Fireworks Launchers

Aerial Light Show Systems

Other Customer Required Systems

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