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There are a number Auto Pilot solutions already on the market, and obviously Pegasus Aerospace is not the first to bring these solutions to the market, however, all currently available Auto Pilot Systems are designed with some limitations and restrictions in place, not to mention having compatibility issues. Pegasus Aerospace will be the first to offer a system which is currently being designing, capable to address all shortcomings and restrictions. The Aurora Flight Control System is a compact and powerful system, which will incorporate all the best functionality and capabilities of other commercial and military already available systems, combined, with a lot more added features and compatibility, making the AFCS a true pioneer ahead of other Flight Controllers currently available.

The Aurora Flight Control system is uniquely designed for Unmanned Systems, it will be a truly powerful, versatile and universal system, offering the best functionality and capability as well as a solid Tx/Rx encrypted system, EMI protection, as well as protection against Anti-UAV systems, allowing the user to complete the required mission with ease and a piece of mind.

Due to the sensitivity of the project, no system data will be made available here.

Generic information and images will be featured as they become available for release.

Any request and inquiries in regards to this system, please use the Contact Us page.

System Overview

Aurora FC will be the first Quadro-Redundant (4X) Flight Control System giving autopilot technology the reliability necessary to safely carry out sensitive flight missions and transport valuable payloads, such as a human being... A Quadro-Redundant arrangement is comprised of four similar software and hardware systems, seamlessly integrated into one state of the art controller. In the event that any one of the four systems fails, the remaining cores take over, and so on. A Proprietary Guardian System is constantly overseeing these four systems. Such a system would be necessary as technology evolves and unmanned people transport will become a reality...

Although Multi-Redundant technology is established within the aviation industry, Multi-Redundancy is a relatively new addition to unmanned aerial systems. Though our main focus at Pegasus Aerospace is not the development of Flight Control Systems, we are constantly reaching the limitations and availability of readily available Flight Control Systems, capable of providing us with the necessary functionality and safety. Thus we are now raising the bar to Quadro-Redundant Flight Control Systems.

System Specifications

Designed for:                            Fixed-Wing UA Systems

                                                  Helicopter UA Systems

                                                  Multi-Rotor UA Systems

                                                  Hybrid UA Systems

Multiple Communication Links: Bluetooth Integrated

                                                  900 MHz Integrated

                                                  2.4 GHz Integrated

                                                  4G-LTE Integrated

                                                  5G Ready

                                                  Sat-Com Ready

                                                  ADSB In/Out Ready

                                                  Transponder C/S Ready

                                                  FLARM Ready

                                                  USC-C Integrated

                                                  RS-232 Ready

                                                  RS-485 Ready

                                                  3 GPS (DGPS) receivers Integrated

Servo Channels & Mixing:         26 Integrated Independently controlled

                                                  Unlimited with expansion board

                                                  50-200 Hz update frequency

                                                  Isolated servo rail power supply

Control and Functionality:         Autonomous takeoff and landing functionality

                                                  Improved guidance algorithms for smooth landings and semiautonomous guidance modes

                                                  Provides high-bandwidth control for unparalleled stability in windy/inclement weather

                                                  Pilot in Command or Autopilot in Control

                                                  Aurora Fire Control System Integration (Only - Law Enforcement and Government)

                                                  Real-Time Government and Law Enforcement Criminal and Most Wanted Database link

                                                  Real-Time facial recognition ready

                                                  Synchronous control hand-off between ground control stations

                                                  Built-in Video provides up to 5 live HD feeds

                                                  Programmable HUD overlay

                                                  In-flight re-tasking capable

                                                  Agent and flight path trail are rendered in full-context 3D

                                                  Provides intuitive multi-function display and vehicle health monitoring


Many more functions and capabilities are included with this Flight Controller...

Aurora Flight Controller
This is the initial design for our custom made flight controller.
Aurora Flight Controller
This is the initial design for our custom made flight controller.
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