ALPHA Unmanned Systems Authorized Dealership

While Pegasus Aerospace is specialized in custom design and engineering of UAV components and complete systems and having the experience, know-how, and the power to manufacture components in-house, Pegasus Aerospace is uniquely qualified to deliver a rapid turnaround for custom designed components and systems.


While our custom UAV solutions are assembled using state of the art components and are designed and manufactured in the USA, they are not affordable for all market segments or all clients. It is therefore that we have decided to become an ALPHA Unmanned Systems Authorized Dealership. Having the capability to now offer these systems in the US, allows us to now be stronger and uniquely positioned to cater to all market segments and customers.


While we are still able to offer custom design, engineering, and manufacturing, we are now equally capable of offering the entire ALPHA Unmanned Systems as well.

This page is in its entirety dedicated to ALPHA Unmanned Systems and presents an overview of the systems we are now offering in the US.

Please inquire for more information on specific systems, packages, components or pricing.

Alpha 800 UAV

Reliable, Flexible, Ready to Fly...

Alpha 800 UAV is a 14-Kg gasoline-powered helicopter providing 2.5 hours of continuous flight with up to 3 kg payload and a 30 km range.

Civil applications:

  • Surveillance

  • Agriculture

  • Mining

  • Forestry

  • Inspection

  • Land Survey

  • Traffic Monitoring

  • Humanitarian Services

  • Commercial Applications

Military/Public Services:

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • ISR Operations

  • Target Aquisition

  • Forestry

  • Naval Support

  • Tracking Moving Targets

  • Emergency Response

  • Search and Rescue

  • Public Safety Missions

Designed for efficiency, built to last...


The sturdy Alpha 800 UAS is designed to perform the most demanding applications over many years.

In compliance with the strictest aeronautic design requirements, each component has been created and assembled using 2D and 3D CAD tools. The airframe is constructed with aeronautical grade aluminum and carbon fiber, and the 2-stroke engine is small and efficient.

The industrial grade belt transmission system drives the power from the engine to the rotors and to the onboard alternator, ensuring low maintenance and high reliability.

Protected Electronic Systems

The electrical systems of the ALPHA 800 UAV are individually isolated from vibrations and comply with IP64 as a minimum rating. The main wiring uses MIL-SPEC connectors and is protected against abrasion, vibration, and corrosion.

Safe Landing Assurance

The alternator provides redundancy to the system, and in the unlikely event of generator failure, the backup battery takes over. Payload and servos power supply ports are protected by resettable fuses, ensuring that the remaining systems will continue working in the event of a subsystem failure.

Interconnected Systems Improve Communication

The camera, autopilot and the engine monitor are interconnected, providing the operator with important information on one screen in real time. This includes CHT, fuel quantity, flight plan, telemetry, payload details, and video.

A Reliable Autopilot for a Dependable UAV

The VECTOR autopilot from UAV Navigation serves as the Autonomous Flight Control Unit of the Alpha 800 UAS. The VECTOR has been used to convert manned aircraft into unmanned, and its technology has accumulated over 50K hours of flight. Custom-fitted for the ALPHA 800, the autopilot is integrated with highly effective sensors, including a high precision GPS antenna, proximity sensor as a weight on wheels (WOW) or rpms sensor.

Easy to Fly and Maintain

Every ALPHA 800 UAS is delivered with a full set of documentation:

  • Pilot operating handbook

  • Platform logbook

  • Pre-flight checklists

  • Maintenance manual

All materials ensure easy operation of all tasks and are written to aeronautic standards.

Technical Specifications

Power Plant

  • Two Stroke Engine

  • 32cc Displacement

  • 2.4 kW Maximum Output

  • 2.0 Nm Maximum Torque


  • 1.7m | 5.6 ft Long

  • 0.6m | 1.9 ft Height

  • 1.8m | 5.9 ft Rotor Diameter


  • 55 km/h | 34 mph Cruise Speed

  • 2.5* Hours Endurance

  • 3000 m | 9850 ft Ceiling


  • 14 kg | 30 lbs MTOW

  • 3 kg | 6.6 lbs Max Payload

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